THE REASON FOR DRAGONS is on comic shop shelves today. It’s an original graphic novel by my men-at-arms Chris Northrop and Jeff Stokely: a coming-of-age adventure about a troubled kid and the delusional knight he befriends in the ruins of a Ren Faire. 

I wrote a story for this book - - "Dining with Dragons" - - which shows what happened on the evening our knight, Sir Haversham, mistakenly wandered into a Medieval Times-style dinner theater. Hilarious misunderstandings, daring duels and plenty of ‘Shakespearean spach’ ensue.

My cup overfloweth with fun as I wrote it, and that merriness swelled even further after Zachary Turner went on to splendidly illustrate the comic. Some of his best work, if I might say…

Check out the extended preview at Archaia’s site, then take charge and grab the book at your local comic shop, on Amazon or (in a couple weeks) at major book stores.

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