Yehudi Mercado [ supermercado ], Shawn DePasquale [ shawnwrites ] and I have made a new, wacky two-pager. Set in the HERO HOTEL, it’s about the dire struggle of putting an sinister, symbiote suit through the laundry!

Come to WonderCon [ wonder con next Saturday for our even wackier (yet eductional!) step-by-step commentary on the collaborative process behind it. Adding this panel to your convention schedule is quite easy — and we’d kill to see you there.


Tom Pinchuk (MAX STEEL), illustrator Yehudi Mercado (PANTALONES, TX) and letterer Shawn DePasquale (LETTER 44) present an ultra-focused breakdown of the collaborative process. See exactly how a single page evolves from script to pencils, inks, colors and letters. Hear precise insights on the decisions made at every step. Learn how to work as a team! Discover how to turn your ideas into sequential art!

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